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Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision

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At Little Robins Nursery we are required to publish information regarding our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision. In Wiltshire this will form part of a Local Offer and details about our SEND provision will be found included under a dedicated Local Offer website, Wiltshire Local Offer.

Our provision is in line with the new Code of Practice, which can be found in it’s entirety here. The new Code of Practice focuses in providing the right support for children and young people from 0 – 25 yrs, who have a Special Educational Need/or Disability, it also gives parents and carers a greater say in what an appropriate provision is for their child, Code of Practice.


If there is a need children will be identified as requiring extra support and for those where there will be a high level of support, the child will be in support of an Educational and Healthcare Plan (EHC). In Wiltshire the EHP is referred to as a ‘My Plan’, meaning that it is owned by the child.

We ensure, as far as possible, that our curriculum and our buildings do not discriminate against children with a Special Educational Needs or a Disability.

Below we have some information to help you to understand more about SEND and our approach to SEND at Little Robins Nursery.

Our SEND team

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) – Pauline Eckersley.

Senior SEND Worker – Clare Shipley, based at County Hall, Trowbridge.

How do we, at Little Robins Nursery know if children need extra help, and what should I do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities?

At nursery each child has a designated key person whose role is to develop trusting, sensitive relationships with parent and children to enable respectful sharing of information. If you have any concerns about your child’s development you can discuss these with our SENCo, Pauline Eckersley or your child’s Key Person.

Reports from healthcare professionals such as Health Visitors, Speech and Language Therapists will identify your child’s individual needs. We welcome parents and professionals sharing these reports to plan appropriately to meet these needs.

Our ongoing ‘Tapestry’ observations and assessments, made for all children are linked to the Development Matters Ages and Stages of Development ( This in some cases identifies individual needs. These observations will be discussed with the SENCo. If your child’s Key Person has identified a possible individual need they will discuss this with you and plan with you to support your child’s learning and development.

Our SENCo will offer support and advice to your child’s key Person and other staff in the setting and also liaise with other professionals to seek advice and support in identifying individual needs, if necessary.

The outside agencies are a local body who, after parental permission, will offer us advice and support to ensure we are meeting your child’s needs and refer appropriately. They usually meet with the parents to discuss their findings after observing the child in our nursery.

How will you support my child?

From your child starting with us we begin to form a relationship with yourselves by first meeting the team. On your child’s first visit you meet with your child’s proposed Key Person and the setting SENCo, who will work together with yourself to complete our detailed ‘All About Me’ forms. These forms inform us about your family and what is important for you and your child, together with any already identified needs or preferences. At this time, we also start a development tracker where you will advise us of where you feel your child is in his/her development. We call this the ‘Baseline Assessment’.

We will work with you to support your child together, listening to you and your child. Our SENCo will explain to you how your child’s individual needs can be met by planning support, using a ‘My Support Plan’, and advice from the outside agencies.

Observations and assessments will all contribute towards ‘My Support Plan’, from these we prepare Individual Education Plans (IEP), at nursery, your child’s Key Person will oversee these targets. The targets will be reviewed at regular intervals, and any changes in support will be identified and provided for.

Our nursery IEP’s are shared with yourselves and are always available for you to review at any time. Any support you can provide at home will be discussed with you and advice given where needed.

How will the curriculum be tailored to my child’s needs?

With your permission we will request copies of assessments from other professionals before your child starts so that we can plan more appropriately for development of his/her skills.

Activities planned for your child will be based on his/her interests and take into account their learning style in addition to his/her age and stage of development. Observations of these will be posted in your child’s ‘Tapestry’ online learning journal. These observations help the Key Person to assess and plan for your child’s next steps.

Your child’s key person and the SENCo will work together to ensure that the environment, routines and activities are appropriate to his/her needs.


How will you and I both know how my child is doing, and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

Assessments of children’s learning are carried out 3 times each year (October, February and June) and are shared with yourselves. Parent evenings are held regularly to talk through your child’s development. In addition, when an IEP is reviewed we will share that information with yourselves and consult with you and other professionals to prepare the next steps.

We have regular team meetings where information about each child is communicated to the team to ensure continuity of care and education.

Daily two-way communication between yourself and us will ensure that we both know how your child is developing and how we have supported his/her needs that day.

Newsletters are on our website. Our FaceBook page gives details of what is happening in the nursery. We display posters in both buildings regarding any important information.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Our practitioners are welcoming and friendly, they are trained in child care to know how to provide an inclusive, sensitive and positive approach. Staff provide positive role models for behaviour and are consistent in the care of children.

Our routines are flexible to provide the best possible positive environment for your child’s needs.

Personal healthcare plans can be adopted if necessary and staff trained in giving the appropriate medication of required.

Should your child require regular prescribed medication then we will be required to complete and sign a permission to administer medication form. Medicine will be administered by a first aider and overseen by a manager. Almost all of our staff have a current paediatric first aid certificate.

Our recruitment procedure ensures that vigorous checks are in place.

Our designated Safeguarding persons are:

Shan Cawley and Yvonne Raistrick

All staff have taken part in Safeguarding training.

Policies and Procedures are available online.

Activities will be adapted to ensure inclusion for your child. Visual timetables are used to help children to understand our routines. Our communication friendly spaces provide a quiet area where children can retreat to if they need some quiet time.

From time to time children with a Special Educational Need may display undesirable behaviour, which is dealt with sensitively to the child’s needs.

Risk assessments will be carried out in each area of the nursery to ensure that your child’s safety is paramount.

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